Family Camping

When our family plans a vacation we usually tend to pick places with a variety of activities to please all of us, but when we arrive, we barely see one another. Short of a "Chevy Chase" style cross country family vacation, it is very difficult to find activities that your entire family can enjoy together.

The Wood-Tikchik State Park and the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge offers some of the best camping, hiking, sightseeing, fishing, berry picking, eco-touring, and virgin rock climbing anywhere.

Imagine your family and yourself alone, setting your camp wherever you wish, enjoying the beauty and tranquility of Alaska at your own pace. Wake on your own schedule, take a cool dip in the lake, enjoy the sites and sounds of the neighboring wildlife. Sip a hot cup of campfire coffee, listen to your children and discover what's really important to them. As you relax by the lake, the realization becomes as lucid as the crystal clear water in front of you: This is what life is all about. No phones, doorbells, alarm clocks, or schedules to keep – just you and the most important people in your world.

A great concern for anyone heading out into the wilderness is the danger -- of wildlife, the remoteness of the location, and the lack of any means of rescue in case of an emergency. The wildlife definitely deserves respect. However, if you keep a clean camp and food sealed and stored away from your sleeping area, you should not have any trouble. Always walk in pairs while hiking and make plenty of noise so you do not startle any large animals in the area. They are much more intimidated by you than you of them.

The remoteness of the area is somewhat of a "Catch-22". You want to fully enjoy the wilderness experience, but should there be trouble you want to be able to get to safety. We recommend a satellite phone which can be used in case of emergencies. If you wish, you can purchase or rent one of these phones for your adventure.

If you are questioning your ability to deal with the elements, you are not alone. To ensure a pleasant trip, you will need to be prepared for any type of weather -- sunny, overcast and buggy, rainy, windy, you name it. Planning for such a variety of weather conditions is a job in itself, but we have put together a check list to assist you with this chore.

The State Park and Wildlife Refuge offers beautiful mountains, valleys, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and glorious rock formations. The water acts as a mirror reflecting all of the surrounding beauty. Sometimes when you are there, you would swear you and your family are the only living humans on the face of the earth. However, then you notice a jet stream high in the sky and you know that all too soon you will be back to the hustle and bustle of phones, school buses, and meetings. Take a deep breath and enjoy every second you have in this glorious place!

Among the wildlife you have an opportunity to see are black and brown bear, moose, caribou, wolves, red fox, coyotes, lynx, wolverines, porcupine, beaver, otter, eagles, loons, a variety of birds, and fish. The photo opportunities are endless and the surrounding scenery is certain to inspire the artist in you, so you might even want to include a sketch pad on your list of things to bring!

There are many suitable places to set up camp within the park and refuge, all offering something special and unique. With over five million acres to discover, this is sure to be the vacation dreams are made of. Let our family owned and operated company, Fresh Water Adventures, help your family plan a memorable retreat! Click here for estimated costs.