Recommended Equipment

Wading Equipment
Rain Gear
Toilet Articles
Sun Glasses/Hat
Shot Gun/Bear Pepper Spray
Dry Bags
Sleeping Pad and Bag
Water Filter
Food/Cooking Utensils

Wading Equipment:
Most anglers in Alaska use only chest high stocking foot waders as they are the most comfortable. Neoprene is by far the most popular with the serious Alaskan anglers as it is extremely comfortable and offers the maximum protection in cool weather and cold water. All waders should be worn with polypropylene underwear for maximum comfort and minimum moisture retention. Felt soles are a good idea. Remember to bring enough material to repair any rips or punctures.

Rain Gear:
Weather patterns in Alaska always seem to include rain. Bring a high quality rain jacket, Helly Hansen makes one of the best. Wear polypropylene next to your skin, so it wicks away perspiration to the next layer of clothing. If necessary, vent your rain jacket so moisture will have a chance to escape. Always choose your rain gear for its ability to ward off rain, not its ability to "breathe."

Temperatures can range from the mid forties to the high sixties, therefore, clothing strategies should be based on the layering concept. Start off with polypropylene next to your skin. This material provides your first layer of insulation and will not become soaked with perspiration. The second layer should be a light wool shirt or sweater. Wool is a great insulator and it does not absorb large quantities of moisture. Your third layer can be a light or medium weight vest (try either wool or polypropylene). Your final layer should be a wind breaker or use your rain jacket. You may also want to carry a heavier wool shirt to use in connection with this layer, but it is seldom necessary. Wool gloves and/or Miller mitts are great for boat rides, or for the days when your hands are in and out of the water. Synthetic materials are also excellent, such as the new polypropylene gloves, as they retain insulating qualities even after being soaked. Just ring them out and put them back on.

Tent/(100' nylon cord):
Rapidly changing weather can often be associated with high wind. Most of the camping is done on gravel bars with few or no trees to secure your tent to. The fly should completely cover the tent and have the ability to stake out well. If this is not possible, bring a tarp that will cover the entire tent and can be tied to large rocks or drift wood.

Use brands that are waterproof and be sure to bring extra batteries.

Toilet Articles:
Use earth friendly and biodegradable articles, including some good quality hand location and chap sticks. You will be handling a lot of fish and they can cause irritation to some people. Don't forget your favorite bug spray or Bug Baffler.

Sun Glasses/Hat:
Polaroid amber glasses are most popular and remember to bring your "lucky" hat.

Shot Gun/Bear Pepper Spray:
Most anglers prefer slugs as ammunition. This weapon will probably not be used, but a great idea for protection in the wilderness. Pepper spray can be rented at FWA office.

Dry Bags:
It is advisable to use dry bags for most everything. These will pack into your aircraft easily and ride well on just about any type of raft.

Sleeping Pad and Bag:
Self-inflating pads save room and are the most popular. Your sleeping bag should protect you down to at least zero degrees Celsius.

Water Filter:
Rivers and lakes in Bristol Bay carry Giardia. Drinking water should be filtered or treated. Some people prefer pills, others simply boil their water, however, fuel is generally rationed so we recommend bringing a filter or pills.

A two burner camp stove should be ample for up to four people. Calculate one small propane cylinder per day. If you have a fuel stove, one gallon of Coleman fuel should last about five days.

Food/Cooking Utensils:
Food should be what you prefer to eat, being aware of weight. Cooking utensils should be suitable for food preparation planned. A fish grill is recommended.

Bring a map for the river you are intending to float or the area you are visiting. It is also a good idea to bring a map for an alternate river or location.
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