Raft Rental Rates

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16' CAT standard river setup 16' CAT standard lake setup We recommend 2 max 3 people ... 16' CAT standard river setup Fresh Water Adventures can book...
This is an Aire 18' cateraft...

18' Cateraft

18' Cateraft

The Aire caterafts have an inner bladder system... This pontoon was ripped and repaired...

Raft rental fees begin the first full day of your adventure  (If your trip is at least 4 days, there is no charge for the first day traveling into the lake with FWA!)

1. 16’ Cataraft with rowing frame $100/day (270 lbs. complete)
2. 18’ Cataraft with rowing frame $100/day (290 lbs. complete)
3. 16’ Cataraft with rowing plus outboard frame $100/day (340 lbs. complete)
4. 18’ Cataraft with rowing plus outboard frame $100/day (360 lbs. complete)

All raft rentals include:
• 3 Oars
• Ice Chest
• Cargo Nets
• Rowing Frame
• Deck Boards
• Life Vests
• Complete Repair Kits

Extra Gear: (upon request)
• Folding Table - $25.00 per trip
• Folding Chair- $25.00 per trip
• Propane Coleman 2-burner stove - $25.00 per trip
• Coleman cylinders, 2.5 or 5 gallon propane tanks available - Cost varies yearly
• White gas 1 gallon containers - Cost varies yearly
• 4-place Kitchen dish kits - $75.00 per trip includes:

- Axe
- Folding Shovel
- Handsaw
- Cutting Board
- Wash Basin
- Cheese Grater
- Can Opener
- Coffee Pot
- Cutting Knife
- Spatula
- Serving Spoon
- Soup Ladle
- Small, Medium, Large Cooking Pots
- Frying Pan
- 2 Mixing Bowls
- 4 Bowls, Cups, Plates
- 4 Forks, Spoons,   Knives

Fresh Water Rafters has a limited supply of rental equipment so be sure to schedule as early as possible. FWR requires adeposit on all rental equipment at the time of booking. Should you cancel, your rental deposit will be forfeited.

When you are making plans to travel in Alaska consider traveling on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thurday as the 4-day weekend (Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon.,) is Alaska's busiest time.
The Dillingham Liquor Store is open from 10am - 9pm and is closed on Sundays.

Please Note:
If you bring alcohol into the refuge, it must be consumed before entering Native land.

E-mail: Infro@freshwateradventure.com