Nushagak River

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King fishing at Blood beach King fishing is at it's best ... ...while the tide is coming in. Camping permits can be obtained ... Motor boats are available ...

During the peak of the season, king salmon anglers can expect their catch to consistently weigh in around twenty pounds, and they also have a chance at an occasional 50 to 60 pounder. Since we are the major air carrier servicing the Nushagak, we are able to track the fishing as it progresses and receive reports from anglers leaving the river, which we are always happy to pass on.

Private camping on native corporate lands along the Nushagak River requires a land use permit from the corporation. Commercial camps also require permits, though they are a little more complex. Choggiung Ltd. manages Choggiung lands and by contract provides land use permit management for Ekwok and New Stuyahok lands.

The permits are easily obtained through the Dillingham main office or from their river headquarters between June 15th and August 30th. Choggiung Ltd., P.O box 330, Dillingham, Alaska 99576 Phone 907-842-5218

The best way to fish king salmon on the Nushagak River is to have a boat; not necessarily to fish from, (although trolling with wiggle warts has proven to be very effective),but to move to different locations so as to fish the tide water effectively and move to the "hot spots".

Motor boats are available for rent at Portage Creek. If you choose to fish from the shore without the aid of a boat our amphibious aircraft would be able to drop you off at a selected location.

The flight from Dillingham up the Nushagak River is about 20 minutes, depending on your destination. The scenery is captivating immediately out of Dillingham, as we fly over the huge mouths of the Nushagak and Wood Rivers. The chances of seeing large schools of beluga whales feeding on small fish and salmon are very promising. Literally minutes later small herds of caribou can usually be seen grazing on the tundra. If you don't see anything by the time you reach the heavily wooded area, keep watching; moose are in abundance in this area and on special occasions a mother brown bear and her cubs can be seen scampering for cover along with an occasional sighting of land otters, beavers, and fox.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game keep accurate records that will be helpful in planning your Alaska king salmon sports fishing adventure. Click here for estimated costs.

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