Kukaktlim Lake and Kukaktlik River

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Break your gear down Goodnews Bay
Break your gear down... Goodnews Village Kukaktlik River Goodnews Bay The Goose is about 39' long.

Kukaktlim Lake is a forty-five minute flight to the West of Dillingham and is a great alternative to the Goodnews River float. The float is ten floating-hours if you were to just cut loose and go for it. With normal water levels, you can expect to drag your boat on and off for the first third of the river.

Camping on the bank of the Kukaktlim Lake is lumpy and unprotected from high wind, but just down the river good camping sites begin. Depending on the water level, the best camping would be on the sand bars, but in high water conditions camping would still be good on the bank.

There is very little traffic on the Kukaktlik/Middle Fork River. We estimate only 5 to 10 small groups of fishermen float the Middle Fork each year.

The same species of fish can be caught on the Middle Fork float that you would catch on the main Goodnews float, but the river is not as wide or deep and there are sweepers from the cottonwood trees growing along the upper river. The fishing has been reported to us as excellent and, during periods of low to medium water levels, large build-ups of fish can be found in scattered fishing holes along the float.

At the end of the float, the Middle Fork flows into the main Goodnews River giving this location the name Confluence. This is an excellent place to meet your tow boat if you would like a little help getting down the last 5 miles of the Goodnews River. The reason most people prefer to be towed from the confluence to the village is because of the strong tidal influence and frequent, strong on-shore winds that can cause difficulty rowing. The high water times and heights table at the bottom of this page will help you figure out the approximate arrival time of the tow boat.

We encourage you to read the information we have provided about Goodnews Lake and River in order to make a choice suitable for your special adventure.

*Chest waders are recommended for unloading at the lake.

The coordinates of the pick-up location are:
N 59 07.771'
W 161 28.843'

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Note: For topographic maps covering the Kukaktlik/Middle Fork Rivers, order Goodnews Bay Quadrangle - Scale 1:63:360. A-7, A-8, B-5, B-4.

Goodnews River Yearly High Water Times & Heights
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