King Salmon River

The King Salmon River Lake access is one hour flight north of Dillingham and is just big enough for our turbine Otter to access. Be prepared to portage your gear from the small lake over to the river. The portage is only around a ¼ mile but most every one we've talked to say it feels more like a mile. The river starts out rather small yet floatable, you might have to jump in and out of the raft for the first little bit, depending on the water levels but once underway you will be too busy catching fish to notice.

Once you enter the hills, start watching for log jams. Talking to people exiting the river we have concluded that the log jams vary in size and restrictiveness depending on the year and the time of year.

The grayling fishing will be best the first half of your trip with the char and rainbow trout picking up steadily as you float along. Salmon fishing also picks up steadily as you float down toward the Nushagak River and continues to fish well as you float the River.

The species of salmon you will catch will depend on the time of year. Kings reach that far up the river the end of June and into July while reds and chums will follow reaching that high up the system by the middle of July. Silvers lag behind as late as the end of August but might be available sooner, depending of the strength of the run. Just like all the rivers in Bristol Bay, the humpies run hot and heavy on even years during July and into August.

Unique to this system is the abundance of northern pike. You may have to hunt for them, but they are there.

The King Salmon River is a fairly popular river all summer long and into the fall for moose and caribou combo float hunts. During the moose season hunters can expect 30% success for moose and 40%-60% success for caribou. Later in September the caribou hunting picks up significantly.

The designated pick-up point is on the Nushagak River , not far from where the King Salmon merges. The GPS coordinates are N60 13.111' and W157 13.596'.

As we get more familiar with the lake access and river, we will write more specifically about the trip. If you have any information on the River or its access and exit you think we should share, please don't hesitate to e-mail us detailed information including GPS coordinates if you have them. Keep in mind that if you have coordinates for a specific pick-up location include the date because the water levels fluctuate during the summer months and the date might give us an idea of the water levels to expect at that location on the average. We would like to hear of any trouble you may have had coming or going. We also have plenty of room on our website to post pictures so please, e-mail um if you got um!

Fresh Water Adventures would welcome the opportunity to bid on your air transportation and raft rental needs for the King Salmon River system, just give us the prices of any competitors and we will try to match or beet their price.

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