Hunting In Alaska
Wood-Tikchik State Park

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Sunset at Chauekuktuli Lake People and gear for a 15 day hunt ... Caribou shot at Chikuminuk... Chest waders are recommended ... Electric fences have proven ...
Sunset at Chauekuktuli Lake People and gear for a 15 day hunt ... Caribou shot at Chikuminuk ... Chest waders are recommended ... Electric fences have proven ...

Although Fresh Water Adventures tries very hard to avoid the term “just and air taxi” we do in fact do only one thing, we fly. We are not allowed by law to advertise or charge anyone for the guarantee of success, but we are allowed to assist you in planning your adventurous hunt in Southwest Alaska. The choices are simple, as a nonresident you are limited to three choices of big game to hunt unguided, moose, caribou and black bear. To assist you in organizing your unguided nonresident hunt, you are able to draw on our experience in the area we serve and allow us to help you in your choices of hunting areas.

The closest choice in the Wood-Tikchik State Park for nonresident unguided hunting that we recommend is Grant Lake. At Grant Lake you will find easy walking on a large portion of the north side of the lake and spruce trees surrounding the remainder of the lake with fair walking. The caribou tend to be the easiest to hunt, and the moose are more difficult. There are no vantage points around the lake, so calling the moose into a clearing is your best option. Because of the elevation of Grant Lake and the surrounding mountains, caribou seem to run through the valley north of the lake. Even in August when the temperatures is normally too warm for hunting, small groups of caribou and single bulls continue to drop down out of the hills to the west and run off to the east. The success rate for caribou normally goes way down after September 10th.

Moving northland, Nuyakuk and Tikchik Lake are separated only by the Tikchik Narrows and together provide a massive hunting area. Hunting for caribou around Tikchik Lake has proven to be a better choice for caribou than Nuyukuk. There are a few vantage points around both lakes, but they are full of alder brush and may prove to be more trouble than it’s worth. Calling moose in is clearly the best option.

We recommend taking a 16’ or 18’ cateraft inflatable boat with up to a 15 hp outboard motor primarily for transportation. In fact, any location we recommend will be more effective with a boat. If you choose t o hunt from a boat and decide not to bring your own, we can help you locate a boat to rent.

Lake Chauekuktuli is another good location. Moose is the primary target on this lake. Chaukuktuli Lake has excellent vantage points that have proven to be the best way to hunt Chaukuktuli, however, calling moose into a clearing has proven to work as well. Combined moose and caribou hunts have been successful on Chikuminuk Lake.

Upnuk and Nishlik Lakes are outstanding for caribou, however, not so good for moose. Lake hunting is a blast and the most effective way to hunt the Wood-Tikchik State Park. Nishlik and Upnuk Lakes are the choice for bow hunters because of the gentle hillsides and scattered brush along the lake and surrounding tundra. These lakes also have a heavy migration of caribou during the months of September and early October. Bow hunters enjoy walking along the lake and up the gentle hillside where, with proper camouflage, they wait for the caribou to walk up.

The most popular combination hunt for caribou with a chance of moose/black bear is the Tikchik River float hunt. The float can either start from Upnuk Lake or Nishlik Lake. Most caribou hunters choose to hunt the lake for two days or so before starting the river hunt just to get the most out of the trip.

The major advantage to the float hunt is that as a hunter, you are exposed to around 70 miles of excellent hunting opportunities. This float hunt has proven to be excellent choice for hunts between September 3rd and October 5th. For more information click here Hunting Nishlik/Upnuk Lakes.

These are just a few ideas: the possibilities are endless. If you would like more information about hunting in Unit 17B Wood-Tikchik State Park or Unit 18 in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, call or write and let us assist you in organizing your adventure.

You can read more about hunting in Unit 18 by clicking here Caribou hunting Unit 18.

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