Vital information about Booking a trip

The new park changes are as follows:

Three starts per week from either Nishlik or Upnuk Lakes for the purpose of floating the Tikchik River.

On the Nishlik and Upnuk Lakes, a maximum of four parties may camp on or around the lakes at any time from January 1 to August 15. Between August 16 and December 31, a maximum of six parties may camp. The limits on the Nishlik and Upnuk Lakes do not apply to parties camping at the outlet of either lake that have a permit to float the Tikchik River and are on the first night of their river trip.

Slate lake is the smallest of the four lakes. A maximum of two parties may camp on or around Slate Lake at any one time year round. Chikuminuk Lake is the largest lake and may have six parties at any one time year round.

In order to implement these limits, at least one person in a party shall apply for and secure a permit issued under 11AAC 18.010 prior to camping on or around Chikuminuk, Nishlik, Upnuk and Slat Lakes to float the Tikchik River from either Nishlik or Upnuk Lakes.

Please do not look at these new changes as limiting, but rather as changes that will allow new opportunities for hunters that have not always got the best spot on Nishlik Lake or that have settled for 10% success for moose on the Tikchik floats.

The no motorized boat law on Chikuminuk Lake will assure hunters that once they have secured a permit, the chances of someone else popping in on them to hunt for the day is dramatically reduced. The statistics show that the animals are there with an easy 30% average for moose and 40% for caribou. Now it will be left up to the skill of the hunters to prove themselves.

The best method for getting permits for the upcoming season will be to e-mail your requested dates and location to Johnny Evans, the local Wood Tikchik State Park Ranger, at, then follow up with a phone call to 907-842-2641 or 907-842-2375. An e-mail request is the only method of receiving a permit because your e-mail response is your actual permit. Remember to be persistent!  

CallParkRanges for Information:

Dillingham: Johnny Evans –
Wood-Tikchik State Parks
P.O. Box 3022
Dillingham, AK 99576
907-842-2375 or 907-842-2641

I hope the "Heads Up" about the changes within the Wood Tikchik State Park helps confirm a great spot in the upper Lakes for your next hunting adventure.