Attention Kanektok River Floaters
Quinhagak Village Changes

The Quinhagak airport is finished! It's great news for pilots but comes with a barrage of changes for the floaters.

The first and foremost urgent and important to FWA and the locals of Quinhagak is the requirement of scat buckets. This is a reasonable requirement considering the river is the main water source for the entire village. We suggest for sanitation reasons, several garbage compactor bags for the trip that can be sealed up daily and packaged into a ammo can to assure no spillage until it can be discarded in the proper location at the village of Quinhagak .

A significant change will be the geographical location of the airport. It is now going to be approximately three miles from the river take out point. This of course causes some issues on how to get from the river to the new airport. Larry Strunk is our answer! He will transport floaters from the river pull out point to the new airport for a fee of $20.00 per person for the season. A satellite phone would be very helpful coordinating between your group and the aircraft dispatcher. There will also be a landing fee imposed to the floaters, each plane needed to drop your group off at Kagati /Pagati Lakes FWA will be charging an additional $30.00 dollar landing fee. FWA will in turn pay the village the fees monthly.

The village of Quinhagak has informed us that the old airport slough floaters have used for the past 20 plus years will no longer be available for exiting the river, instead there are two designated alternatives. The first choice will be the village beach and the second will be the village boat harbor. Neither of these two choices are as convenient as the one floaters are accustomed to, but will be the only available locations despite the additional inconvenience. FWA will attempt to get aerial photo`s of the two locations as well as the GPS coordinates. We will attempt to have signs placed at the village beach that we believe will be the best of the two choices when the tide is out. As we find out more about these locations we will get the info onto our site!

Please purchase quality scat buckets, trash compactor bags and large ammunition cans with quality seals for the upcoming season and be a part of the solution for all villager's and anglers alike. The old Airport coordinates are N 59° 45.493' W 151° 52.998'.

Larry Strunk @ 907 556 8556