There are many ways to travel to and from Anchorage Alaska; however, there are only two ways to arrive and depart  from Dillingham (Alaska Airlines and PenAir). 

Alaska Airlines is providing 737 jet service in and out of Dillingham. In Dillingham it shall be mandatory that you check in with Alaska airlines 60 minutes prior to departure time.

PenAir is showing five flights scheduled into Dillingham a day. Keep in mind that if you arrive on the later flight with Pen Air, FWA cannot transport your party to your destination that evening if it is more than 1 hour RT for the aircraft during the months of June and July. August and September FWA will not leave the ground after 8:00pm.

In late June and all through July there will only be a slight chance of being able to transport your party to your destination directly after the Alaska Airlines flight,

FWA must commit to and adhere to the cut off time of 8:00pm. No flight may leave the ground after 8:00pm unless the round trip will be less than 1 hour for the aircraft. In the event that the charter is less than an hour's distance, our cut off time will be 9:00pm. August and September bring earlier darkness; therefore we will not be able to transport anyone after the late flight. A hotel or B&B would be in order and a morning departure Scheduled.


NOTE: When choosing your air carrier, keep in mind there are weather delays that may prevent you from making your schedule return flight, therefore, FWA recommends a carrier that will give you the best options for a re-scheduled flight home. Ask your ticket agent or airline employee when purchasing your ticket what options you have with the type of ticket you are purchasing.

Word of caution: All airlines will occasionally bump bags especially during the busy months of the summer. FWA suggests you limit your baggage and send in advance per mail or air freight your access luggage to alleviate delayed baggage issues. Keep in mind should you choose to mail your personal gear in advance through the postal service that you need to mail items at minimum three weeks in advance. The mail service is very bogged down during these months and will need the added time to assure it's arrive for your adventure.

Fed-X is handled through our postal service and is a receiving station only. If you have an account and have your paperwork prepared in advance at your home station, you may return it through the post office, but if you do not, it cannot be sent Fed-X.
UPS is handled through Pen Air, and also is a receiving station only. Again, if you have an account and have your paperwork prepared at your home station, it can be sent from Dillingham, but if not, you cannot ship through UPS.

When shipping or mailing in advance remember to address the following format;

US postal Service:

Ship to the name your booking is under with FWA
c/o FWA
PO Box 542
Dillingham, AK 99576

UPS or FED-X: Ship to the name your booking is under with FWA
c/o FWA
638 Airport Rd.
Dillingham, AK 99576

We also suggest numbering the boxes so you can trace what, if any, did not make it and know what you may need to replace and bring with you in the unlikely event it does go amiss.
You can call our office and check on the arrival of your advanced supplies anytime. 907-842-5060


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